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This tool supports you to select the right Infineon bipolar modules or disk devices for your rectifier or AC switch applications. Simulate your inverter/ DC converter applications to calculate switching and conduction losses for all components, counting in conduction/switching losses and thermal ratings. The results are shown in tabular and graphic presentation and can be saved for later revision or printed as .pdf file.

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Explore the vast Infineon hall switch portfolio. Easy to use to find the right product. Design & Simulate your solution online. Buy the best fitting part via DigiKey, Mouser, Arrow.

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PowerDesk is an interactive online design and verification tool to help you kick off your power design. The tool calculates optimum loop compensation and appropriate values for inductors and capacitors. Full Online Schematic, which allows you to test your application in a virtual test bed for AC, transient, and steady state analysis, PCB layout editing, and state-of-the-art thermal analysis. PowerDesk generates a Bill of Materials and a comprehensive design.

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